Haiti Harvest

Our first experience in Haiti was in 1984. Evangelist Craig Strain invited us to go on a mission trip along with a group from Caribbean Missions who had been doing mission work in Haiti for years.

They took us to a village about 35 miles outside of Port-Au-Prince. There sat on the side of a hill a church constructed of poles, banana leaves and other materials they found for walls, along with a dirt floor. It touched our heart to see the desire of the people, joyfully serving the Lord with so little. After being asked to sponsor this work, we prayed and felt God wanted us to do what we could to be a blessing to these saints.

In 1984, with the blessing of Caribbean Missions, we took on the responsiblity of helping this little church in Cabaret, Haiti. That first year we started a little school for the children seeing that 47% of the people of Haiti could not read or write. We thought a basic education would be a great help for the children in the village and also giving an opportunity for them to hear the message of salvation and come to know the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the years God has helped us to build a church building that also serves as their school. Many children have been able to receive a basic education and to hear about Jesus. We thank the Lord for His unfailing provision helping us meet the monthly commitment we made to them. Thank God for His faithfulness!

In 2009 our desire was to help fund the addition of two rooms to the approximately 28 by 60 foot church building the children are being taught in. Harvest School started with approximately 20 students. Through the years it grew in attendance to approximately 90 students. In our November 2007 trip to Haiti we've seen and heard the K-6th grade classes being taught by their teachers. With their repetitious type of learning we've seen the need of two additional rooms.

2012 Additions to Church and School.

April 2012 Haiti Team

Evg. David and Patricia Crowell, Interpreter Beaubrun Motes, Sherri and David Senger

Awards night for our Teachers was celebrated on Friday Night The 8th of October 2010. The building was full, even extra seats were brought in for the night we honored the nine teachers of Harvest School for their Faithfulness and Dedication. One of the teachers has 10 years of service to the children. It was a Special Night for Everyone!

On the last day we were able to send the Church families home with beans, rice, cooking oil, chicken and cooking spices. Through the week clothes, shoes, personal care items and School supplies were distributed by Pastor Romilus. Thank You to all that supported this Labor Of Love!

Brother and Sister Crowell with some of the school children during break between classes.

God has given us an overseer who has a burden for the people. Pastor Jean Jean Romilus oversees the church and school in Cabaret, Haiti.

Please remember this labor of love in your prayers. If you would like to be part of our Ministry in Haiti, please send all donations to:

Harvest Ministries
P.O. Box 185
Ravenna, MI 49451
Please mention "Haiti" in memo.

Listed below are a few recent statistics about Haiti:
Population: 8,706,497
Language: French - Creole
Avg. Yearly Wage: $380.00 - $430.00
Avg. Life Expectancy: Male 55 yrs
Female 58 yrs
Literacy: 53% of population can read and write
Religion: Roman Catholic 80%
Baptist 10%
Pentecostal 4%
Adventist 1%
About 1/2 of population practice voodoo.